Thursday, December 17, 2015

Nichii Warehouse Sale

After taking my Visa from the Embassy today, I decided to drop by the Nichii Warehouse Sale. It is located at No. 62, Jalan 8/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa. Just type this into your Waze and it will bring you straight to this building located in a manufacturing industry area.

From the outside, the building looks huge. Once you walk in the white building, you will see on your right a display room for sample branded clothes going at RM50 each. The real warehouse clearance is on the second floor.

The shoes are arranged according to size, but sadly the designs are not that attractive, and the shoes look old/dusty/worn. I wouldn't buy this even if they were RM5.

Special sale for today, the purple/lilac lace dress going at RM15 each. The lace part looks a bit berbulu-bulu, only sizes M-XL available.

Belts RM3 each, necklaces RM10 each.

Bracelets RM5 each.

Skirts/Pants from RM10 each.

I didn't snap pictures of the tops, dresses and other stuff because the selection was pretty much horrible. Crappy, unrefined, crude designs. I couldn't find a real good piece in the whole room.

Make sure you pay attention to the cutting of the clothes, best to wear a singlet and mini-skirt so you can try everything on in front of the mirror (no changing rooms available). 

Look out for defects in the clothing as well. I saw one white biker jacket on sale at RM22, but upon inspection, it has huge ugly blue blotches on the fabric at the front part. When I asked the salesgirl why it was like that, she said dunno, and claimed that that's why prices are cheap. Meh. I ended up putting it back on the rack.

In the end I didn't manage to find a single piece that I truly like. So disappointing. But I did purchase a necklace just to make myself feel better - to prove that I had not just wasted 1½ hours of my life.

Conclusion: I will never come back again.

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