Thursday, December 17, 2015

Process of Applying for Course Deferment

I faced some issues dealing with my application for course deferment. I actually submitted my documents back in August, but when school started in September and I checked with the office, they said they lost my documents and would require a new set. 

However, my earlier letters were not the standard version  that are required by the Admission and Records Department, so I went there with a new copy of the letters for them to proofread. After that I edited them and printed 2 backup copies of each letter. I had earlier prepared backup copies of the documents, so I handed in everything nicely clipped in sets and labelled according to each department to my faculty administration. And this time, I got them to acknowledge receipt of my documents by having them put a date stamp on my backup copy. (Very important!)

Thank God I was able to resubmit the whole set within a day. But now I'll have to wait for approval from the administrative, and it would take quite some time.  

UPDATE: My application took 2 weeks to be approved and settled altogether. BUT this is because I practically went to each of the departments everyday to urge them to process it faster for me, as I did not get KK and had no place to stay, so I squatted in Karen's room for 2 weeks, sleeping on the floor. 

Now I realize that the process for applying for deferment for exchange is so complicated, I think I should post the overall process on my blog for future reference. 

1. Talk to your Dean and get his oral approval
2. Prepare your letters and documents. 
  • 1 letter to your Faculty asking for approval for leave
  • 1 letter to SKET, sent via the Faculty, communicating your Faculty's approval for leave
  • 1 letter to International Students' Center communicating your departure and host institution acceptance letter
  • 1 letter to HEP applying for delay/suspension of JPA/PTPTN sponsorship.
3. Talk to SKET, making sure your letter is according to the format they prefer. 
4. Enclose supporting documents for each set of your letters in (2), i.e. I/C, Student Card etc.
5. Hand it in at least 2 weeks before you want your application to the approved. The best suggested time would be one month in prior to avoid unnecessary hassle. 

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