Friday, February 19, 2016

Edible Campus Garden


Edible Campus Garden is located at the back of Pioneer Hall, which is behind the law building. The snow has melted and I see green! The weather is very nice and cool, but not too chilling.

Me doing composting. Composting is actually a mix of rotten organic products (fruits and vegetables) and brown matter (rye/wheat). You just leave them there, and the temperature will rise. This attracts worms, bugs and decomposers which will break down the compost and convert the material into fertilizer for new plants. We have to turn the pile every week to make sure the temperature isn't too high. Last week, the snow was very heavy and there is no smell, but today the pile just stinks!

The compost bundles. There are 6 of them altogether. 

Emma and Nigel doing sifting. This is a process of sifting the compost to make them into smaller, finer grains so that they can become better fertilizer.

 Me and Nigel doing the sifting as a change of duty.

Even though I wore gloves, somehow my fingers still got real dirty. 

Emma said next week there will be other new activities! Looking forward to it!

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