Saturday, February 20, 2016

Natural History Museum

The view from outside. 

It's located after the Red Butte Garden (which is not open at this time). 
You have to hike up a small trail to reach there if you're walking.

Main entrance.

Buy your tickets here.

Price chart.

It's free for all current U of U students! Hooray!

 Amazing tribal display at the entrance.

Collection of precious gems.

More gems!

Amethyst are usually naturally hexagon-shaped. Never knew that.

A stone that intrigued me because it looks so furry!

The pink gem is so pretty! 

More gems!

Shining stones! 会发光的石头!

Shining stones again!

One day archaeologist.

Our ancestors!

Beautiful aztec-like pattern on ancient stuff.

Ancient pottery art.

This is actually rather intricate.

This is surprisingly so cute! Like a modern day cartoon character.

A general view of artifacts.

Rock gets recycled! 原来所谓的海枯石烂是真的!

Stone cycle.

 The evolution of rocks.

Walking through the passage of time.

Say hi to tyranno!

Selfie with the dino.

Woolly mammoth!

All sorts of dead animals.




This might creep out some people.

Artsy wall display.

The sunset today is beautiful.

My loot of the day.

Even though from the pictures it seems like a lot, but I only managed to cover Level 2 exhibits because I went in late. To better plan your trip to the NHM, please refer to the following:

Address:  301 Wakara Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84108
Hours:           Every day 10am-5pm except Wednesday 10am-9pm

I recommend at least 2 hours to go through all the levels.