Sunday, May 1, 2016

Argentine Tango Night @ U

I don't know what prompted me to go to the Argentine Tango Night @ U, even when Danielle Sheremeta is not going with me. I don't know anything about tango other than doing the front and back walking while giggling hysterically with Dani and that was it, seriously.
It was a last minute decision as I contemplated dinner or dancing (I just came back from World Market), and settled on the latter. Well, I'm glad I did!
I enjoyed myself a lot and learned some new moves. For example, the 8-step for beginners. I'm weird with people but at least I tried, ok.
Thanks to Chris for the lesson, and Sergey and Brian for being excellent lead(er)s. And to everyone who danced with me, I'm sorry about my sweaty palms. It happens whenever I'm nervous. frown emoticon I feel so bad about it but I can't avoid it.
Carpe Lotion this is why I really, really hope you can perform miracles on me. Fingers crossed and prayers to God. I'll be buying your product in batches if it works, I promise!
Thanks to Global UGRAD Malaysia Global UGRAD 2015-2016 for giving me the chance to explore so many new possibilities in life!

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