Saturday, April 30, 2016

General Thoughts About Life in America

US is such a good place to live in if you have a stable income and don't fall sick. All the basic necessities are so affordable (imagine $0.30 cup noodles and $2 shampoos, body wash, towels, hangers and dental items). Clothes and shoes from F21 can be cheap during sales. I got a top from F21 for $3.50 once, that's even cheaper than Deseret Industries (second hand clothes store). Cars are cheap. A new Toyota cost $21-45,000. My room mate got her 15-year-old but still in good condition Chevrolet for $2,000.

In Malaysia, you have to pay RM20 for a shampoo, clothes' prices start at RM30, imported cars are taxed 100%, making them expensive as hell. But I think in US you have to pay a higher insurance to insure yourself against unforeseeable loss.

People here earn just about the same amount as you would in Malaysia but in USD. The minimum wage in Utah is $7.25/hour, but depending on your job you might get more. Babysitting as a side job can get you up to $15/hour. 

If you make a comparison of income:expenses on basic necessities ratio, US prices are definitely very consumer-friendly. However, if you fall sick, it will cost you $2000 to call an ambulance. With a health card, it is $25 to see a doctor and $75 for hospital stay. Dental services may cost up to $3,000. If you have insurance, it will cover you up to a certain amount.

America is a place of opportunities, and if you are an ambitious person, this is the place for you. But be careful, you might also end up homeless in the streets if tragedy strikes.

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