Wednesday, July 13, 2016


On my recent visit to Betong, aside from stocking up my supplies of Pejoy, Pocky and Pepero, I also bought something else. It's called Vitamilk.

I actually discovered this in a Thai restaurant called Frame in PJ when I went there for a meal with my room mate. It was sold at the price of RM3.00 (now with GST and all it's probably already RM3.50).

I tried original, red bean, black bean and they all tasted good. In my visit to Betong, I tried some other flavours: Double Black, Chocolate, Barley & Malt (this is ok) and Banana Milk (yucky unless you like banana).

So far, I like everything except for (perhaps) Barley & Malt and Banana Milk. Vitamilk has a weird but nice taste, it feels rather thick and creamy on the tongue. I read on another blog that this might be due to the thickener additive in the drink. But nonetheless it is one of my favorite chilled beverage!

It's sold at 7-Eleven at 15฿ per bottle, but I managed to find them for 14฿ at K-Mart, so I bought 9 bottles at one-go, because I know I won't be able to go back to buy more the next day. 

If you know somewhere I can buy these in bulk in Malaysia, do let me know!

P/S: I found this article online stating why one should never drink soy milk, so drink at your own expense!

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