Sunday, November 30, 2008


Vampire-human love story... The only thing I like about this movie is the protagonists are well-looking. But I still want to watch this movie! I have a crush on Edward! OMG!

Edward Cullen, the handsome vamp...

Bella Swan, the girl whose mind Edward can't read...

Both of them together at prom...

The pdf version of the books. You can download it here:


New Moon


Breaking Dawn

And the Twilight MP3 (Original Soundtrack)
Twilight OST

I'm not that obsessed about these Twilight books anymore. After reading the first novel, I think it's not really that good as I once thought. I think most teenage girls go crazy for this book mainly because of the cool, handsome, rich and immortal Edward. The female protagonist Bella doesn't seem that interesting. She's plain, stuborn, a loner, quite good in academics, and the only special thing is her scent. Well, I'm not going to be exuberant, as I ain't a vampire. LOL! Now, I'm just interested in the music scores and the MP3. But the original music book costs about $14.95 and I'm not going to buy it unless I'm becoming really rich.


MrNoName said...

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安琪拉♥ said...

Thank you for visiting my blog too ^^

By the way.. the download links of the books seems didn't work out..

"this file is no longer available because of..." something like that

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