Thursday, March 26, 2009

I Won A $20GC from Statement Made

A few weeks ago, I won a $20 gift certificate at Jamie's Precious Peas from Statement Made. I was so excited and I chose a Read Myself to Sheep bookmark and two Coordinating Earrings. So, to express my gratitude, I decided to write a post for Statement Made.

My gift arrived by airmail! I'm always so excited to receive packages by mail!

It comes in two petite, beautiful bags like this...

This adorable bookmark is perfect for that someone who loves to read before bed. Bookmark stands 6" high and has a wavy base. Accented with turquoise and lime beads as well as a pewter "sheep" charm.

Wow, it really is shinny...A bit too shinny, perhaps...
This is the powerful effect of flashlight!

A pair of shinning Blue Coordinating Earrings!

A pair of custom-made pink Coordinating Earrings! They're very pretty!

(Sorry for the poor quality of this picture. I didn't use the flashlight because it's too bright until the image is white!)

Actually, this Life in a Bubble bracelet is my "first love", but it is priced $25, so I had to give up. But no matter what, I'm still very happy to get the Read Myself to Sheep bookmark and the two pairs of coordinating earrings!
Thanks again, Stephanie, from Statement Made for these beautiful gifts!

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ParentsGear said...

Congrats on winning this cute prize! And thanks for stopping by at my blog! Good Luck!