Friday, March 13, 2009

My Prize from Jacqleen Bleu!

I won a prize from Jacqleen! I received the package yesterday and it was wonderful. I never thought she would decorate the letter so beautifully...Thanks, Jacqleen! =)

She sent me these:

It came in a beautiful package like this...

Look what's inside! A set of 5 beautiful photos + a handcrafted note tied with a ribbon.

The view from another angle...

Isn't that great? I was so lucky to be chosen as the winner! Thanks, Jacqleen!
If you're interested in browsing Jacqleen's Etsy store, click here . She has a wonderful collection of photographs which reflects life in dreams and vice versa.

Jacqleen Bleu:
I find corruption and sadness in beautiful things, or beauty in the most insignificant details. I capture dreams on film. Whimsical, quirky, surreal, a conscious living dream. Things maybe you'd only see in dreams. A magical world or realm I believe can exist. I shoot whatever I see that creates a twinge in my spine. I have no direct format or style, but just rather explore all and present whatever vision I see in my mind however it comes out...

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Chyrl's Origami Cards said...

Goodness! :) You got one of my cards from Jacqleen! Small world. :) Its really a nice surprise to see it again, and on your blog, Aik. ~Chyrl