Wednesday, September 16, 2009

♥ Lovely Surprises! ♥

Yesterday, I received 3 mail packages from Japan, US and Canada respectively. These are prizes I won from various blog giveaways. Many thanks to Diane from Strawberries And Sushi, Jenna from Artistic Edition and Lindsay from Naturally Hip for sending me these lovely prizes!

1st package:

I won a giveaway on Diane's blog, Monkey Magic about 2 weeks ago. Diane sent me the the Cute pink letter set ($3.50) and the 3D Hello Kitty Stickers - Charmmy Kitty - Bags ($4.95) from her Etsy shop.

Diane sells cute and classic Japanese fabric, stickers, letter sets, and handmade sock monkeys in her shop



2nd package:

Ruby and Silver Rim Edition - Swarovski Hair Snaps (10 Pieces) -- July Birthstone

These hair snaps are handcrafted with top quality materials. Each snap has a genuine Swarovski Crystal Ruby Rhinestone in a round silver rim setting with a silver snap. Each snap is approximately 1/4" (0.64cm).

They are perfect for brides, bridesmaids, pageants, prom, anniversaries, birthdays or anytime you want to add a little sparkle to your hair.

Visit Artistic Edition for more beautiful Hair Snap Accessories!

3rd package:

Flannel 10.5in Regular Cloth Menstrual Pad - Pink and Brown Dots $8.00

Adorable regular absorbency pad in 'pink & brown dots' flannel with chocolate brown flannel top layer. This may just be the cutest pad ever!! It is an all-in-one pad with built-in waterproof barrier and wings with baby pink polyacetal resin snaps. Snapped up, the approximate size is 10.5"L x 3"W.

Visit Naturally Hip for more eco-friendly Organic Bamboo Velour & Organic Hemp pads.


Sarah Brown said...

Aren't you the lucky girl?!?! Thanks for stopping by this morning and I hope you win more=)

Aik said...

Thanks for visiting, Sarah!