Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sometimes I Just Wish...

I once said that if Aladdin's genie granted me 3 wishes, I'd say:
1. Everlasting health
2. Being wealthy my whole life,
3. Grant me another 3 wishes! (Ain't I greedy?! )

Today, I told myself to consider my 3 wishes again.

One of my primary school teacher's second son, who was just 26, passed away. He went back to the heavenly home in his sleep at dawn this morning. He just went like that, all in a sudden, without any last words.


Because of a severe headache, he went to see the doctor. The irresponsible doctor, without checking in detail, said he was fine. When he went back home, he telephoned the doctor again, complaining an even worse headache. And yet, the doctor told him it was just his illusion. Now, his life has officially come to an end --- will the doctor say it's just a hallucination?

Well, I'm not blaming the doctor for everything that has happened, but if the doctor is willing to remember that he is bearing a great responsibility when he treats his patients, will this poor guy's fate change for the better? And was it correct for a doctor to tell his patients that the pain they feel is just an illusion that will eventually ebb away?

I really feel sad for my teacher. She has taken care of her son for 26 years, and suddenly, he left. The pain and loss she is encoutering right now must be unbearable. Please be strong...


Sometimes, we cannot control our fate. Even though some quotes say that we should master our own lives, but our destiny and the paths we take in life, whether or not it is long, is in God's hands. Life is short, so we must try our best to live a happy life. Don't ever take each day for granted. Every breath we take signifies a step nearer to death, but every happy moment we cherish will live forever in our hearts.

If genie were to grant me 3 wishes now, I'd say:

1. Everlasting health for my family and I
2. Happiness and joy for everyone I know and myself
3. Give me a beautiful heart which will always reach out to those in need

If you were also granted 3 wishes, what will you wish for?

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Anonymous said...

i will wish for.. erm infinite wishes!!! lolx