Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mandy's Misdemeanor

It seems my dog Mandy has developed a penchant for lingeries. (OK, she's not exactly mine, she's my cousin's, but since she's been staying in my house for more than 2 months, we already start to consider her as ours. She has no status in her real home, where there are 11 other dogs competing to be the alpha.) Starting from last week, she started biting me and my mom's bras and panties into unidentifiable, torn pieces of scraps when they accidentally dropped from the drying rack. My dad gave her a slap on her mouth with a shoe, and 3 days since then, she stopped harassing our lingeries. But after 3 days, the effect of the slap seemed to have worn off. She started biting them again! How frustrating! I was wanting to hit her backside yesterday, but when I saw how skinny she is, I got afraid that I might accidentally hurt her backbone. So, I gently tapped her with a stick, all the while chiding her. I know, I know, what silly person talks to a dog?


MemeMeRachel said...

mememe~ I'm another silly person who talks to dogs xD
Uhh... Tie the dog up or something??? >_<

FairyWhispers said...

Omigosh, my doggy too, I know this other dog which absolutely is attracted to red lingerie!



Holly said...

I love dogs, but my husband and I keep trying to decide if we actually want one of our own. The 2 cats cause us enough trouble as it is, and it's a well-known fact that puppies can be SUCH a hassle. So sweet though... ♥

FreedomBird said...

LOL... my dog not that perv. My dog bite my towels.

Aik said...

@Rachel: Hahaha... You talk to dogs too? Tie her up? What if she wants to answer the nature's call?

@Fairy: That dog sounds more like a bull to me. But I think dogs cannot see red. Maybe it's attracted to the shape / design of the lingerie?

@Holly: I love puppies! They are so adorable! But not those who bite everything they see.

@Freedom: It likes your scent, then?

FreedomBird said...

Clean towers. Not used ones. LOL

Aik said...

@Freedom: At least your dog has some taste. XD

Medeia Sharif said...

You're nice to take her in.

I hesitate to touch skinny animals. They seem so breakable.