Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review : SLAP Watch

When I first heard of Slap Watch, I was intrigued. You might ask me, what's a Slap Watch? If you have worn a slap bracelet before, then you should have guessed what's so special about a SLAP watch. Like a slap bracelet, you can just 'slap' a Slap Watch onto your wrist and watch it curve around your wrist, creating a secure grip that holds the watch in place.


"Each SLAP WATCH™ comes with a removable face that can be interchanged with others to create a look that is just right for you. In fact, if you have all 9 colors, you have the possibility of 81 different watches."

Regardless of your wrist size, you can wear the SLAP watches without having to adjust a clip. The watch band itself is made of silicone that is medical-grade and suitable for everyday wear. As the company offers 9 different designs, you'll definitely have a fun time mix-and-matching the watch faces and the bands of various colours, creating your own fashion statement. To set the time, just remove the face by gently pushing it out from the band. After getting the right time, insert it right back to its former spot. If you want to clean the band, just do the same. But please make sure the face doesn't come in contact in water.

I love wearing my Purple Berry Regular Slap Watch! It is so fashionable and comfortable to wear. My friends commented on how good it looks on me. The real colour of the watch is lighter than the one shown in the picture, but that is fine to me. I have a feeling that SLAP watches are going to be the new black for teenagers in the world. It has recently 'invaded' US and earned the approval of several famous TV hostess and the mass media.

Raven Jr. SLAP Watch $17.95

The SLAP Jr. is the perfect gift for little ones as you don't have to worry about it slipping off your child's wrist. It fits snugly and will not accidentally drop off and break. The watch face for Raven Jr. is much smaller than the regular SLAP watch, but it has exactly 12 divisions, which makes it easier for kids to read the time. My younger sister, Alice was delighted to receive her new SLAP watch and wears it to school everyday. Yesterday, I caught her beaming at the sight of her new watch on her wrist when she thought I was not watching.

Conclusion: Easy-to-wear, fun, bold, colourful and trendy, the SLAP Watches are bound to make you day brighter! It is also the perfect gift for everyone!

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Many thanks to Melissa Montag for sending me two samples for this review!

To purchase, please go to www.SlapWatch.com
Ph: (888) 382-2927 (888) 382-2927 (888) 382-2927
Fax: (800) 859-2210

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FreedomBird said...

LOL. I wan a slap watch too =]

Holly said...

These are pretty cute! I'm liking the colors.

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Lovely <3
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roseworksjewelry said...

Hehehe - it's like the 80's brought back to life!

Aik said...

@Freedom: Go buy one from the website! :)

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