Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Birthday, Grams!

My granny is celebrating her 71st birthday today. Yesterday I gave her a birthday package, but she reprimanded me by saying I shouldn't spend 'unnecessary money' to buy her gifts since I'm not working yet. So, in order to make her feel better about the whole thing, I told her that the presents are little things I won on the Net over the years and kept unused in my pretty boxes. Instantly, she felt better and happily accepted my gifts.

First of all, I gave her a pair of handmade costume pearl teardrop earrings from John Wind Maximal Art.

Guava Fig Goats Milk Shea Butter Soap NEW FOR 2011
I also included a piece of Guava Fig Goats Milk Shea Butter Soap from Lost River Rags, which I'm sure she'd love. This listing sells for $3.75 USD. To purchase, click HERE
Last but not least, I got her a packet of Marigold seeds! It would be great to see the flowers blossom with the care of her green fingers. I never had the patience to take care of flowers, or any plants for that matter. I tried planting Zinnias once, but it was a disaster. They withered in a few days time.


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