Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back from Penang

I went to Penang yesterday to attend the ASEAN scholarships selection test. And boy, was I nervous! There were about 5o other candidates, and they all look like geniuses. That kind of made me feel incompetent.

I did very badly in the Math test, but I'm sure I got 2 correct answers out of 25 questions. The others were all wrong. :o)

The English test was divided into 2 sections. One is a comprehension where you have to answer all the answers and write a summary on the topic and the other one requires you to write an essay of at least 380 words in 30 seconds. Totally crazy. I just finished two paragraphs when the examiner announced "10 minutes left!". My essay was ended hastily with incorrigible words and a paragraph that has actually no meaning at all. I was totally blabbering.

Today, I sat for the general ability or IQ test, where candidates were required to finish 48 questions in 20 minutes. Yep, you heard me. 20 minutes! But I have a feeling that this one is better than the previous two because it's easier, though the last few were very challenging and I didn't have enough time to do them and simply darken one of the answers.

Before the tests, I saw many anxious parents filling up the room, waiting for their sons and daughters to enter the examination center. Some of them even took pictures of their children as if wanting to capture this glorious moment for remembrance in the future.

Well, I don't have high hopes in the ASEAN scholarships, and considering my terrible answers for the Maths test, I'm sure my chance is gone for good. I would rather think of it as a chance to gain experience and knowing new friends.
Finally, before going back, I bought myself some beauty products. A bottle of Vaseline body lotion for dry skin and Garnier Eye-Roller. The latter was bought after much persuasion by my sister, who told me I look like Po's long-lost cousin.

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