Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The awesome Ling Shuwen over at Lingshuwen.blogspot.com is hosting a contest. And of course I'm entering, because I'm her loyal fan.

What is she giving away, you're asking?
Well, obviously the prizes are some lovely stuff that girls like me would really appreciate.

What is so special about Lingshuwen.blogspot.com?

#1 Content is King
Shuwen has lots of things on her mind. And she writes about lots of things, often thought-provoking while peppered with humour and wit. She may look like an ordinary (and pretty) girl, but she has a unique understanding to the world and what it's like to be a teenager. Seriously, your blog posts rock! See all the posts.

#2 Realism and Authenticity
This 17-year-old blogger is not the same as everyone else. She insists on telling the truth about many things, and precisely points out that sometimes people get blinded by things until they try to become what they think others want them to be. Read Stop the influence.

#3 High on the Humour Scale
No one writes funny posts better than Shuwen. Don't believe me? See Team Edward, Team Jacob. I'm so over Edward Cullen right now, even if he's handsome, strong and glitter under the Sun. Trust me, I like diamonds better.

#4 Gorgeous Photos
Need I say more?

#5 Giving Back To The Society
Shuwen actually sold her dolls to collect money for a local Cancer patient who's only in his teens. Her actions really touched me. It also made me reflect on what I've done to contribute to the society or help someone in need. Read What were you when you were 12 ?

To sum things up...

Lingshuwen.blogspot.com is a blog filled with highly entertaining content and gorgeous photos while never lacking of sarcastic, witty remarks infused with shades of deeper meaning - in short, it's simply amazing!

P/S: Hope I win! :)

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Holly said...

With the way you describe her personality and her blog, I couldn't help but go check her out. Now I'm following! I love people with big hearts and a good sense of humor. :-)