Monday, January 20, 2014

Corruption in the Simplest Form

It's such a sad case that Malaysians think it's normal to give duit kopi to a police to get away from getting a saman. It's even sadder when the police themselves ask for bribe.

A friend's car got stopped midway by a band of police lounging nearby, huffing and puffing away.

A traffic police by the name of Farid (police number X33 - didn't see the first number) who was on duty that day (17th January 2014 near the road to Berjaya Times Square) came over and asked for her IC and license.

"Sini tak boleh pusing, cik." he said. He continued to say that even though it's not in the road transport rules manual, but the car can't be directed that way.

Casually, he asked "Mau saman?" (Do you want to get fined?) Then my friend shook her head.

"Tak mau saman macam mana?" (What should you do if you don't want to get fined?) Clearly, he was hinting at bribery.

I guess you know how the story ends.

Every time near the festive seasons, these jackals will start hunting for prey. They will try to intimidate you with RM300 fines with the intention of soliciting bribes. So beware!

However, if you think you have not done wrong, just ask them to give you a saman anyway - sometimes they won't know what to charge you and will just let you go.

Truth be told, it is not a surprise that the rakyat has lost faith in the police force - all because of these black sheep. They tarnish the whole police force's image.

Dear corrupted police officer (whoever and wherever you are), I hope you rot in hell.

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Kelly Jaspers said...

wow, this is so un Dutch! glad we don't have them in Holland!