Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Test-Driving Auto Car from KL-Sitiawan

My little aunt is so in love with her baby, she can't leave the kid in the backseat even for a while. While I understand how mother's love works, it's so ridiculous that sometimes I fear this is what I'll become in the future. Just because her baby girl needs to cling to her every moment like a koala, she even hugs the kid while driving... and I think that's just crazy. She needs to train her kid and not let her kid dominate her every action in life.

So, back to the main topic of the day... So she asked me to drive her auto Vios from KL all the way back to Sitiawan, when I'd clearly told her that I'd no experience in driving auto cars. Her reason? She needs to hug her baby at all times, or else the kid's gonna cry. WTF.
I was very worried, so I prayed to God that I won't crash (thankfully God kept us safe, so I'm still able to blog right now). We started our journey at approximately 4.30am in the morning, and reached at about 8.15am.
Little aunt nags at me the whole way about driving etiquette, driving skills, things to note while driving etc., I wonder if this is what happens when women become mothers. No wonder men hate it so much when women nag while they drive. Now that I understand this feeling, I promise not to nag my future boyfriend/husband while he's driving. I'll seal my mouth, that's the deal.

Admittedly I'm quite proud of myself for driving 4 hours non-stop from KL to Sitiawan, though I almost rushed through a red traffic light (didn't notice it) and experienced a failed overtaking show that almost scared the shit out of little aunt. She kept on mumbling "Good baby, don't be scared, it's OK. It looks like your cousin sister needs more training in car driving." I almost choked myself in laughter (on the inside).

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