Monday, September 19, 2016

Controlling Your Emotions

I get so angry sometimes talking to my youngest sister. She can just blow the hats off my head (in an explosion of sudden anger).

Scenario #1:
Mum: Hey it's been weeks since you got the link for matriculation application. Have you done it?
Her: No, the link won't work.
Mum: Have you got the wrong link?
Her: No, the teacher gave it to us.
Me: You've got the wrong link.
Her: No, I tried so many times, it doesn't show any form.
Me: Pass me the link.
Her: *hands phone to me*
Me: *sees phone, sees page, check link, it says*
Me: wtf this is the main page of the MOE! You got the wrong link and you don't even bother to check!
Me: *googles aplikasi matrikulasi and shows her the correct link google showed me*
Me:  Y U SO STUPID?!! U think something is wrong dunno how to ask ah? U got no mouth ah? Everyday online dunno how to Google ah? Wtf u waiting for? For the skies to drop u chunks of gold so u never have to work or study anymore ah?  Why are you so unmotivated? If you suspect something wrong, you should ask your teacher or Google it! *controlling inner Hades*
Her: *silent*

Scenario #2:
Her: I cannot compete with XXX. I'm so bad at this and that.
Me: Then do something about it.
Her: It's too late... *proceeds to check FB for hours*
Me: Go study la, you said you dunno this and that.
Her: Diamlah
Me: (In my heart WTF x1000)

Scenario #3*:
Me: Hey check out this scholarship info, I got it from my friend.
Her: Hey can't download cos my phone no memory.
Me: WTF U DUNNO USE COMPUTER TO DOWNLOAD AH!!! (Trust me if I don't say this she will never download it on the excuse that her phone has no memory)
Her: OK, thanks teehee

*Fictitious scenario, though I did get some scholarship info for her.

I have some major NO-NOs when it comes to people:
1. People who don't bother to work for what they want.
2. People who don't want to learn despite having the opportunities to.
3. People who just sit there and complain but do nothing to change their situation.

And my sister fulfills all three successfully. That's why she's on my list of hated people to talk to, but I can't help talking to her, because I love her despite everything. That's why I even helped her to ask for overseas scholarship information from my friend (thanks, Mah Song Wei!) and googled scholarships opportunities for her (because I used to be such a stupid kampung girl who never even knew such stuff existed!) but her results weren't very good (you can judge her 'pattern' from the scenarios above) and God I'm praying to you, please change her. 

I am sometimes guilty of 3. but I am in the midst of changing myself for the better.

Anyways, you can only teach people to be proactive, whether or not they actually become proactive depends on their own will. Do not shout/speak negative words because they do not help at all, and may have an adverse effect on the listener.

Control your emotions and be a better you!

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