Friday, September 23, 2016

Milky Diaries

Breakfast is undeniably the most important meal of the day. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the body systemic mechanism reflects the tidal energy of the 'biological clock'. Our digestive functions are strongest in the morning and weakest in the evening, hence leading to the popular Chinese saying of "eating breakfast like a king, lunch like a merchant and supper like a pauper". 

Despite knowing the importance of a proper breakfast, certain people do not practice the habit, citing reasons such as "no time", "don't feel like eating", or even "lazy to prepare breakfast". Some Gen-Y's like to combine breakfast and lunch, taking a branch at around 11am-1pm, solving 2 meals at once. However, this is not a healthy lifestlye in the long run because your biological clock is going to be disrupted, leading to decline in health. Just like why you should sleep before 11pm at night, you should also have breakfast everyday, ideally between 5-7am (or at the very least before 10am).

I am very much a breakfast person, for no other reason other than the fact that I'm always hungry in all my lucid waking moments. My stomach growls when it is not well-fed. Hence, I usually have a proper, fulfilling breakfast everyday. Even if I'm rushing, I will still grab a packet milk to ease my hunger first, before buying a slice of sandwich on the way.

Personally, milk is a daily must for breakfast, and never once have I skipped it in my life except for that one period of time when I was having terrible acne. Usually my morning diet consist of a combination of milk and something else, be it Hup Seng crackers, cereals or bread. Concisely, I cannot live without milk - it is that important to me.

I still remember the time when I was in primary school ordering bottled milk from a fresh milk company that came to our school to market their products. I asked my mom whether I could get one, and she said no cos it was RM1.50 (more expensive than a bowl of noodles at that time @ RM0.80), but I secretly bought one anyway with my 2-days meal money (and skipped the meals cos I got no money left). 

All of us know that milk contains a lot of nutrients that are helpful for growth of strong bones and teeth, enhance muscle performance and protect our nervous system. However, most Malaysians are not getting enough calcium intake from their daily meals. In fact, nearly 50% kids have inadequate calcium intake¹, and the average calcium intake among adults is less than half of the recommended daily requirement². 

This is where milk comes in to bridge the gap. Food experts recommend 2 daily servings of milk per day. Just by drinking 1 serving of Dutch Lady Pure Farm Milk (200ml) at breakfast, you can effectively pump at least 200mg of calcium, 6.4g of protein and 5.3µg of Vitamin D3 into your body. Incorporating milk into your daily diet (especially during breakfast) will greatly benefit you.

 Now you just need an excuse to actually start enjoying breakfast in the early mornings. Instead of saying, "I have no time for breakfast", isn't it better to say "I will make time for breakfast"? 

After all, if it helps you to be more energetic and focused in your daily tasks, why not?

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