Sunday, September 11, 2016

Korean New Waves Concert

I had the privilege to attend the Korean New Waves Concert in KLPAC hosted by the Korean Embassy in Malaysia featuring popular instrumental band wHOOL, singers Chai Khan and Kim Hyun Su. 

Talking about this, I must start by apologizing to Youngjun (representative of the Korean Embassy) - I was supposed to go with Alex at 6.30pm, but he ffk me wasn't able to join at the last minute. And I underestimated the distance (yes, KL can be harsh during peak hours) - what was supposed to be a 30 minute drive took 1h 30m instead. Halfway there, my phone decided to die, and I had to go to the petrol station to borrow a socket to charge it enough to reopen Waze. What an eventful day! Made me think why had I not bring my powerbank with me to KL. Obviously I was so late that I went in when they were starting. I felt so bad! (。•́︿•̀。)

The overall performance was pretty amazing - the band performed multiple top-grade instrumental ensembles, and the lead singers Chai Khan and Kim Hyun Su had excellent control of the vocals. I must say Chai Khan's voice makes my heart shiver and raises goosebumps on my arms. Her vocals are that powerful.

The person who captured my attention the most is undeniably the drummer in wHOOL band. He plays with all his soul that you just can't stop looking at him.

Ms Chai is so pretty!

Min Qi, Kim Hyun Su, Jia Yi

With Noah! No idea wtf I look so ugly and the whole picture is so senget, but oh well!

Sadly, we didn't get to take any pictures with the wHOOL band, I think they might have felt neglected when all the fans were crazy about the lead singers but paid less attention to the band members. I really wanted to take pictures with them but couldn't. They went off so quickly. Noah tried to enter the backstage to look for them but was chased out of the room. (๑◕︵◕๑)

Anyways, it's still a happy day because (1) I got to meet Noah! (2) Met 2 new friends (3) All 3 of us got the lead singers' signatures (Noah didn't care about this, he just wants a photo with the pretty lady hahaha)

Once again, thank you to the Korean Embassy in Malaysia for organizing such a memorable night for us! It was certainly fun!

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