Saturday, June 13, 2015

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I saw that Hermo was having it's 3rd anniversary sale, so I went a little crazy/overboard. Initially I only wanted to get the Aloe Vera Gel, but I ended up buying some other stuff as well, cos I wanted to test out their system of giving you RM100 rebate on purchases over RM150.

But it turns out Hermo is a tricky little fox, cos the RM100 is actually divided into various RM20 and RM30 discount vouchers that requires a minimum spend of at least RM120 to be used! 

So mad that I got tricked! :(

But anyways, hopefully the products I ordered are good. I've read some reviews online and it turns out these are all rated quite well by beauty bloggers.

On a side note, every new sign up is entitled to 2 free masks during this period! I'm not sure how long does this offer last, though. And they offer free shipping for purchase of 2 items and above. So I would advise you to buy 2 items at one time, unless you want to use the discount codes for a larger purchase. Leave a comment here if you want any of the codes above. I'd gladly give them to you for free.  


jerelly said...

Hello.. I would like to get the rm20 discount. Hehe... Thank you :)

Aik said...

@jerelly: yeah sure, but I recently tested the coupons on my friend's account, and it seems only applicable to my account only. So if you wanna buy, you have to send me the the links to the items you want, bank in to me then I buy for you. If is sale item (got time limit on sale price) make sure you pay me earlier so I can successfully buy it for you at sale price.

If interested email me aikychien at yahoo dot com