Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lazada Haul

My latest haul from Lazada. At first I was quite worried, as Lazada doesn't have a measurement system akin to Zalora, neither does it have a clear description of the fabric material and fitting. As a result, the items can be a hit or miss. Thankfully, out of the 5 items I purchased, only 1 is a total miss, the others are wearable. 

I bought this frayed hem shorts in size 24 (same size as the dark blue shorts) but this one was too small. When I compared the measurements for both, they are obviously different even though both are same brand same size!


My review on Lazada Fashion (based on the items I purchased)
  1. Collection: 2 stars - Most of the clothes were horrendous. Only a few were pretty/decent. 
  2. Sizing system: 2 stars - No exact measurements provided. You can only follow the size chart or model height, which can be a hit or miss. 
  3. Description: 2 stars - No description provided on fabric material and size fit.
  4. Quality: 4 stars - Pretty decent quality
  5. Shipping: 5 stars - Only took 2 days to deliver the items 
  6. Customer service: 2 stars - I emailed them to ask about product sizing and only received a reply 3 days later. Even then, they did not give me an accurate answer. 

Overall: 2.7 stars

Lazada should take example from Zalora's secrets of successful online fashion marketing. Providing customers with lots of information on the items, giving accurate measurements and tips on sizes will go a long way. 

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