Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kinohimitsu Detox Pad 7-Day Experiment

Kinohimitsu Hot Health Pad with F.I.R has gradual heating effects when use. It helps to relieve pain from physical strain and bruises. It stimulates the sensor and nerve and promotes blood flow. 
It is recommended for people who suffer from feeling coldness on their hands and feet, body numbness, muscle fatigue, stiff shoulders and knees.
foot bigHOT Health Pad contains international Patented warming Micro-Capsules with F.I.R (Far Infra-Red), activates blood circulation to help soothe muscle fatigue and pain, bruises and stiff shoulders, relieve cold feet and body numbness, revitalize the body and enable more effective functioning of all body parts.
My test results:

I can only afford to do this experiment for 7 days due to limited budget. It claims that the colour will turn lighter if you use it consistently. I did use these for 7 days straight, one pad each night alternatively on my feet, but the colour seems pretty much the same? Perhaps longer usage is required for it to show.

It doesn't actually bring about any extra health benefits, but I think it's really fun to actually see the pad turn brown every morning. There is a sense of satisfaction to see impurities oozing out from your feet (supposedly). I've read online that these actually turn brown due to heat/moisture, but I'm not prepared to experiment it using hot water, cos these are very expensive!

Repurchase? Maybe, if there's a sale or when I feel like it. But these pads are real expensive, cost around RM7/piece, so I might think twice before I get them.

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