Friday, April 22, 2016

First-time Skiing

 My friend Junfu won two tickets to Snowbird Center, and he generously offered me one of them. So the week after I came back from New York, we made plans to go skiing together. 


These pictures show the lounge area before you start skiing, and after you get tired and want to rest.

Coincidentally it was Easter's week, so they had someone dressed up in bunny mascot. Of course I won't miss the chance to take a photo with bunny.

The Chickadee Slope for beginners.

We went on the cable chairs to the top.

This is the only picture I have of Junfu. He doesn't really like taking photos. He has a few pictures of himself in his iPad though.

Finally found our place at the Mountain Kids. Basically the slope is a 10° angle which is perfect for absolute beginners. I fell around 3 times here, then it got easy and I could maneuver myself with a little effort.

After that my confidence level went up, and I decided to to challenge the Chickadee. Even though a Mexican guy was kind enough to teach me, I still fell at the bottom of the mountain where there is a steep slope on every attempt. I was scared to bump into people cos I didn't know how to control the speed, so I ended up falling on the snow to prevent collision.

Dani later told me that the Chickadee Slope is most certainly NOT for first-time skiers! No wonder I fell so many times there, cos it's not my level!

The skis will fall off if you have ice sheets at the bottom of your shoes.

Finally, before we went back, I got Junfu to help me take a photo with the sign. The clothes are loose for me because they belong to Dani. 

Cost breakdown:
Entrance tickets: $85 (free cos I got the lucky draw ticket from Junfu)
Ski rental: $35 (I paid only $23 cos Dani loaned me her clothes, helmet and gloves)
Bus round trip: $9 (remember to prepare exact amount, no change provided)
Subtotal: $129
(-) Discount: $97
(+) Add Extra: $1 (failure to give exact bus fare)
Total paid: $33

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