Wednesday, April 20, 2016

U of U Student Evaluation

Infographic: Student Course Feedback Process

Recently, U of U asked me to fill in the course + professor evaluation, and I realized a big difference between U of U and UM. From the above picture, you see that the ratings are actually made available to students to help them choose classes for the next semesters, which is very helpful. In UM, what happens to course evaluations is that they get sent to lecturers and that's the end of the story. But U of U has such openness and transparency that they divulge the ratings to students as well. Here's an example: 

 When you click on feedback, it directs you to this page.

You can see clearly the ratings that past students gave to the course and the professor, which helps you in making your decision whether or not to sign up for this course. UM should make this change as well, and it's not for criticizing any particular courses or lecturers, but simply to make it easier for students to decide whether the course is suitable for him/her.

By the way, I love this class - it's so fun and relaxing, and I get to learn something new! I had considered for quite a bit before signing up for this class because I'm not sure if I'm guitar material with my short stubby fingers, but thank heavens I did! This is one of the most enjoyable classes in my UGrad days! Prof Todd is always so kind and encouraging, he made the classes interesting even when we were playing open strings. He used to play in bands when he was younger, but now he's settled in Utah and teaches beginner and intermediate classic guitar classes.


Elicia C. said...

Actually, us at medical fac have that also. Just that the feedback that they send to us, usually no use la, cos we can't be bothered to see also. 😂

Aik said...

Really? Law fac doesn't send us the feedback evaluation. Only the lecturers can access them.