Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Choc Wars

I love how US has all these delicious imported and local chocolates for less than $5 a pop. Generally, Walmart has a cheaper price in terms of Lindt truffles, while Smith's carry cheaper Lindt chocolate bars. As I had a $15 Walmart gift card, I wanted to exchange it for stuff I will use (eat) before I leave US. So off I went to Walmart. 

Walmart chocolate selections

Smith's chocolate selections

Smith's #2

I got the Lindt assorted truffles + sea salt caramel in dark chocolate and Godiva truffles. Godiva is considered a high-end brand. I bought 3 chocolate bars for $33 in the retail store in Chicago for my room mate's mom. When I saw the price of chocolate bars in Walmart today I almost fainted. They only cost $4 a pop. I tried to console myself saying the ones in the store are freshly made and have a better quality. 

This is sea salt caramel in dark chocolate. Yummy! Lindt never fail to impress me.

I got the assorted truffles because I wanted to try all of them. At first I considered buying 2 of these, but I changed my mind (thank god!).

Crème brûlée: Meh
Strawberry shortcake: Meh
Chocolate Lava Cake: This is a good one.

My complaint about Godiva is that they are unexceptional chocolates wrapped in beautiful high-end wrapping and labeled with sky-high prices. They did try to emulate the real taste of the flavours but it just didn't gain my favour. I would rather eat a real crème brûlée and strawberry shortcake than eating these chocolates. I'm just so disappointed.

Lindt, on the other hand, tastes like heaven, and is cheaper, without all that fancy shit. Just down-to-earth delicious chocolates made with the tastiest ingredients. It is also creamier and has a smoother texture.

So Lindt vs Godiva? I'd pick Lindt, hands down. I probably won't try any Godiva chocolates anymore, cos I gave it two chances (four if you count all the flavours I tested) but I don't like it. Still, both of these chocolates are way better than Whitman, which suck big time and taste like plastic.

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