Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Highlights of New York Trip

Me and Ruth are hopeless. We made plans every night and ditched them the next day. We planned a lot but ended up visiting only a few.

17th March 2016:

I was very cranky today, because I was tired and confused. NYC subways DO NOT HAVE ESCALATORS like Boston (we were hauling our heavy luggage around on stairs!) and the lines are so confusing. I just don't get why they do not just put the end station or provide a clear map on each station. Even after 3 days there I still did not know how to get on the right train. And dinner didn't live up to my expectations too. So I was super upset, and I might have unintentionally projected my negative emotions on Ruth. So sorry, Ruth! :(

We checked in the International Student Residence located in Brooklyn. The location was rather shady at night, not recommended for solo female travelers. Cost $145.50 for 3 nights, which was pretty expensive.

There's an ATM up front.

The bunk beds were comfortable, free linen and towels.

The downside to this place is there is no privacy due to the open partition. You can basically hear everything your next-door neighbor is talking about, and sometimes it's an annoyance when you want to sleep.

My advice on hostels would be to find one located in the heart of Manhattan, there should be some other cheaper places, but you have to book early.

18th March 2016:
Breakfast at The Bagel Store. There was a long queue when we arrived.

Their trademark rainbow bagels.
I think they look yucky, like some Play Dough leftovers.

The variety of bagels available. 

I didn't like the bagel I ordered. Even though it's nutella cream cheese, it tasted bad. Conclusion: The Bagel Store is an overrated, expensive bagel place. But I don't like bagels to start with, so my opinion is probably biased.

We wanted to visit Statue of Liberty but ended up taking the wrong ferry to Staten Island. Thankfully the weather is good, and the skies are beautiful so we got many pretty pics on the pier.

Ballpark at St George on Staten Island.

We decided to stop by Staten Island Museum since we were already there.

After that we went back to mainland (Manhattan) and went to Wall Street to touch the bull's balls for good luck. Pictures omitted because it's too obscene. Hahaha.

We passed by a Museum, so we decided to enter. 

 I love how creative American Indian Artists can get.

 A picture of us taken by kind strangers. You have to be bold and ask for help from people you don't know when you're travelling. You just have to, or else no photos, araseyo?

Did someone say Happy Hour?

 By God's grace, we discovered Luke's Lobsters via Yelp.

Ruth sudah sangat lapar. Tengok muka dia.

I get excited when I see this. But for reasons unknown (probably due to the high price), we just ordered a plate for one for tasting.

And this, my dears, is the Taste of Maine, $28 after tax and tips.

Will you look at that pincer?
Fresh Maine crab. Yum yum!

Gan bei!


As we were walking, we found another shop. It's a patisserie called Financier. 

It's a very neat, French-style shop adorned with French articles.

And of course we ordered something, because Ruth was still hungry.

The Sacher Tort is pretty delicious.

We went to the Brooklyn Bridge.

And visited Chinatown.
Traveler tips: T-shirts here are cheap, you can get 4 for $10. If you negotiate, 5 for $10 is highly possible.

Saw an ice-cream parlor that is full of people. According to the Malaysian/Singaporean concept, if the queue is long, it's good.

It's called the 10 Below Ice Cream. And the shop is aptly an underground/LL level unit.

The menu. Ice creams are $7, with your choice of any toppings.

We got the strawberry shorty, and thankfully it was tasty. :)

19th March 2016:

Bad news: I lost my NYC 7-day unlimited pass. 
Good news: Lobster again.

Since trying out fresh lobster flesh yesterday, Ruth got addicted. So we went on to find other places that sell fresh lobsters.

TA-DAH! Presenting Chelsea Market Lobster Place.

Fresh Maine Lobster, choose your own size.

We got a medium-size to share.

Look at how big that pincer is! The meat is very tangy, but a little lacking in flavor, since it's only steamed.

For dinner, we went to Totto Ramen, because Isabella jio us there. But in the end she never waited for us and chao with her friends. Ended up one person $27 after tips. Not so worth it because you're better off chewing on lobsters. 

After that we went jalan-jalan a bit at Times Square.

20 April 2016:
Wanted to visit the American Museum of Natural History but was denied entrance cos I was carry my luggage with me. So I sadly took a selfie with the building.

New York Historical Society let me in with my luggage for $12 (student price). And I saw this bat car!

Selfie with Lincoln. Today everything is gonna be selfie or self-set timer because Ruth is not here anymore. I felt so empty without her. T.T

Went back to another Luke's Lobster branch for one last taste of Maine's sweet lobsters.
Taste of Main set includes: half prawn roll, half crab roll, half lobster roll, two crab pincers, your choice of salad or chips, one soda of your choice.

And then I saw their recipe book.

 So of course I stole their recipe. Mom you have to try cook this!

Stumbled upon the American Folk Art Museum. Free entrance but donation encouraged. I put RM1 in the box so that they know where I come from.

This museum is full of weird religious stuff. Some kind of occult/religious sect. Very weird. O.O

And then I headed to the airport to go back to SLC. I almost missed the flight because I was so tired and I slept overtime. I tried my luck and headed for the priority boarding lane, and luckily the security person let me in. And then they said they had to check-in my bag cos there wasn't enough space in the overhead bins. I was told to collect it during transit in Texas. I ended up running around and finally realized it was checked whole way to SLC. Almost missed my damn flight because of the misunderstanding. So traveler tips: If your bag gets check, make sure to review the label for final destination. Thank God everything worked out.

On a side note, PLEASE DO NOT STUFF YOUR BAG PACK IN THE OVERHEAD BINS. YOU ARE TAKING SOMEONE ELSE'S SPACE. PUT YOUR DAMN BAG UNDER THE FRONT SEAT IF YOU WANT TO BRING ONE. People can be so selfish and cause so much trouble sometimes. Some assholes put everything on top cos they want to have extra leg space, causing others trouble when there's not enough overhead space and their bags have to be checked in, thus leading to extra time wasted in retrieving bags at carousel.

This little girl insisting a picture with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory grumpy Easter Bear made my day. :)

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