Monday, November 23, 2009

Enter The Great Kindle Giveaway Now!

Have you entered The Great Kindle Giveaway to win a Kindle II? If you haven't, then click on the image above to be entered now! This giveaway is open to everyone! It will run until Dec 18th, 2009.

If you enter via this post, please leave a comment in the comments section. Thanks!

*Anyone who enters The Great Kindle Giveaway by clicking on the image above will get 10 extra entries for all future giveaways which are posted before 18th December, 2009.


Leann said...

What a wonderful and generous giveaway. Thanks so much for stopping by and for entering our giveaway too.

Good Luck and thanks!

Mary in Wonder said...

Jesus Christ! I sooo want a reader. Any kind. I so damn entered the giveaway! Seeing how many extra points can be achieved, I'm sure I won't win it, but still.
I love you soo much for informing us!^.^
How can anyone get 15 kindles? @_@" I'd be eternally happy with only one...

Ave said...

I entered too :)

Christy said...

What a great giveaway! I've always wanted a Kindle! Thank you so much. I've clicked the photo too.

By the way, you won my sponsor giveaway!

The Rice Babies ETSY will email you soon. Thank you for joining and I hope you join my future sponsor giveaways.

Aik said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, everyone!

Ellie said...

OOOH! I have wanted a Kindle for so long!! Wonderful giveaway!

I'm really enjoying your blog --- thank you!!!!


Leanne and Co. said...

Love your blog and I really want a Kindle! I am on bedrest for a while due to major surgery and really need a Kindle, what a great thing! Hey my kids even would read more with a Kindle, a family share item!