Friday, November 6, 2009

Thank You, Postman!

Recently, many wonderful prizes are dropped on my doorstep by the postman. If you've been reading my blog, you must know that I love receiving things by mail. I always feel so excited when I open the packages one by one, guessing what's hidden inside.

28th October:

Spread Heads! These arrived in less than one week's time! I won these from annies home.

Toothpaste Pete
Toothpaste Pete $4.99

Toothpaste Oscar
Toothpaste Oscar $4.99

5th November:

6th November:

I won this breast cancer awareness soap set from wendiwinn. The soaps smells so nice, I can even inhale the scent before opening the package! There are weekly giveaways on the website, so be sure to enter!

This week's giveaway on wendiwinn is giveaway 13

Win a gorgeous pair of earrings by theresaj on etsy. Giveaway ends november 13, 2009 at 11:03pm est.

I won the Earrings Rose Pink Swarovski Crystal and FreshWater Pearl in Sterling Silver, Weddings from DesignedbyLucinda's blog. These earrings are very pretty. Cindy has offered free shipping to everyone who mentions my name "Aik" during checkout! Offer lasts until 31st December, 2009.

Visit her Etsy shop here:
DesignedByLucinda's shop

I received 3 Large Round Discs & 1 Ruby birthstone (without necklace) from Brag About It. I'm very satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship of the pendants. They are simple, pretty and delicate. I noticed that there are some minor scratches on the back side of the pendants, but this is only a small problem. I redeemed these by using the $30 Gift Certificate I won on Mellisa's blog.

I won this Sterling Silver Clarinet Charm from Lemon Tree Cards Blog. Shelley also owns a shop, Lemon Tree Cards, which sells stationery, party favors, cards, key chains, bookplates and lots of wonderful items.


Enbrethiliel said...


The Spread Heads are so cute! I called my little brothers to the PC so that they could see them, too. Being boys, they're quite fascinated by the idea of cats and dogs "vomiting" toothpaste. (Well, I hope that imagery isn't too tasteless!)

Holly said...

You are quite the lucky girl, winning all these giveaways! I wish I had that kind of luck. :-)