Thursday, March 1, 2012


Today is a day which occurs only once in four years.

Today, one of my colleagues decided to resign. So, we decided to throw an awesome farewell party at lunch time. It's not actually a party, but rather a meal at the local Seafood Restaurant! We ordered paddy-chili soup, spicy crabs which were quite fleshy, sweet and sour pork, a dish of humongous bivalve molluscs and a plate of veggies.

The crab pincers were quite big, and the flesh was elastic and overflowing. I'm sorry for such a disgusting descriptive, but it was really full and meaty. The sweet and sour pork was nice and the mollusc was surprisingly good, considering I usually don't take them due to the fishy smell and strange taste. I often wondered if I was eating their shit. And, I nearly had a tongue burn due to my accidental bite on a paddy-chilly seed. It wasn't what I'd call hot and spicy, but a painful burning sensation.

Alice generously took out her wallet and announced that the meal is on her. Thank you so much, Alice! The food was heavenly. My stomach was so full that I lasted through dinner.

All the best to you, Stella! May your future days be filled with luck and happiness! :)

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