Sunday, March 25, 2012

Dinner. Like A Boss.

Dinner at Lido Restaurant on 24 March 2012, 7pm.

Me and sis.

L'il sis sipping her Chrysanthemum tea.

Dad offering ice cubes.

Mom met her old classmate. Mom's face looks a bit deformed in the picture due to my bad photo-shooting skills. Sorry!

And here's baby stirring his Chrysanthemum tea added with excessive sugar.

Grandpa says he hates taking photos because he looks ugly in them. But actually he looks better than me. And that's me, raising a glass of Carlsberg. OK, that's not really mine. It's grandpa's.

Me and grandpa. Like a boss.

Grandpa poses with his eyes looking somewhere else.

Me trying out a cup of chrysanthemum + Carlsberg combination.

Zheng looking expectantly at grandpa, wanting to take a photo with him.

Zheng annoyed when grandpa didn't notice her.

Baby smiling sheepishly.

Four-person photo. Dang, we forgot to include mom!

And sorry, no pictures of the food.
We pounced upon them the first moment they were served.

But here's something to share with you:
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Max 彭欣阳 said...

Haha! Nice photos and description. Any idea about your future study? If u can, reply in Facebook...

Anonymous said...

They look amazing!! :)

Deadly Inlove said...

Such lovely pictures! So warm :)

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