Wednesday, March 21, 2012

8A+, 2A, 1A-

SPM results are out! And in a way, I won my bet with Ferdaus. See here if you have no idea of what I'm talking about.

My results are... how do I place it? ... satisfactory, I guess. I was sort of surprised that I got an A+ in my Chinese, along with Hao Jie and Samuel, who are both Nan Hwa's top scorers with 9A+'s. But then, I only got an A- in Moral Studies. And no one in our school got an A+. It's obvious that the standards have been tweaked according to the graph. Our school used to have dozens of scholars who got A+'s in Moral Studies. But none this year. So disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I love Pn. Nur Zaidah - she's an awesome teacher, and I'll still love her regardless of my results.

My dear grandpa Sing Fook (whose name means lucky everywhere he goes) came over to the office somewhere around 3 o'clock and handed me a real thick angpau.

"Nah, this is for you."

"Thank you, grandpa!"

Then, Alice came in.

"Wah, Chien got angpau from gong gong ah?", then to grandpa "How much you give her hah, big boss? RM 500 per A ah?"

"No lah. RM 500 in one angpau."

"Aiyo, why give so little only? Give more lah? You so much money wad."

"My money is spent somewhere else.", said grandpa. He suddenly remembered something and turned to me. "Only you get my angpau, you know? My condition is straight A's."

Not knowing what to do, I just smiled, until he walked away.

So, talking about my parents. They aren't ecstatic, but satisfied with my results. After all, I did score straight A's, just that they are not all A+. Thinking about my future right now. What career would I be in? It all depends. Various factors can influence my decision. But anyway, I hope God can guide me in all ways possible.


noor 'ain said...

wahhh..500 per A kalu u can shopping2 on9 wivout worry of "no money la kakak" "mahal sangat wohhh" hahahahahaa..neway ur result realy make us proud of u darling.gud lak for ur future.we luvvvv yewww!!!

Natasha Ting said...

Congrats on your achievement! A+ for chinese....I hope I do too..:S