Saturday, March 3, 2012

I made my first online purchase!

Transaction is successfully completed. Yay!
Hopefully my items will arrive safe and sound.

The items arrived on Tuesday, which was faster than I'd predicted. I'm satisfied with the shipping, but two of the products are faulty. The 20 gauge wire is already rusting and the round nose pliers are not flexible. It seems there is a problem with the spring. My client, who initially wanted the butterfly crystal as a pendant, wanted something else when she saw how big the pendant was. "It doesn't look like a butterfly!", she said. Also, I got the wrong 8mm crystal beads - they weren't supposed to be AB's.

So, I shipped the products back to the seller and the seller promised to ship me a new wire and arrange a refund for the other returned items. I will post an update on how things work out. Hopefully together we can find a solution.

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